Obtaining The Visa

I have finally set up the blog to my liking! Now I will begin my tales of this adventure.

When I first began researching going to France, I immediately went on the French Consulate website for Toronto (every Canadian city has a similar website although the main consulate is in Ottawa). Would it even be possible for me to stay in France for over the 3 month visiting limit? I found out it was, and I had a few different options. Here they are:

  1. Become a visitor for a year. I would need proof of enough financial support to carry me over for a year without an income. I would have also needed to sign a contract saying that I would not obtain work in France.
  2. Find a job in France while still in Canada and get them to sponsor my trip.

Neither of these visas would work for me as I want to go for a year and find a job while I am there.

Upon further researching, I found out that Canada and France have an excellent youth exchange agreement. This agreement allows youth between 18-35 to travel to France for a longer period of time for a few different reasons: 1) To study 2) To obtain an internship 3) to work and learn about the culture, and 4) a few different reasons that I do not care to mention.

And there it was! I was staring at my computer screen as if I had just run into a pot of gold! I would get the 2E visa to France, the working holiday Visa! Easy as pie, right? Well… the requirements seem easy enough except for one! In order to obtain this Visa I would need proof of at least $3000 in my bank account. And now I am saving my money like a mad woman, doing everything possible to come up with these necessary funds.

Some (but not all) of the other requirements include:

  • A letter from provincial insurance stating that I will be covered over the duration of my trip
  • A cover letter to the consulate (preferably written in French) stating why I want to go
  • Proof of enough financial means for a plane ticket on top of the other funds
  • Travel medical insurance to cover me for the duration of the trip
  • 3rd part liability insurance coverage (still do not know how to obtain this!)
  • Photos, forms and some other little tidbits!

The rest is pretty manageable. This week I am holding myself accountable for writing the french cover letter (a challenge, but manageable thanks to having a handy french boyfriend and a pretty great french teacher), checking out where I can get this liability insurance, contacting OHIP (provincial medical insurance) for my letter, filling out the forms and getting my pictures taken (CHEESE!).

I am currently a sales associate at a clothing store and I make great ties with my customers. Luckily I have a regular customer interested in this little (or BIG) adventure also holding me accountable for this list of to-dos. I will get them done and move some of this trip energy!

I have also decided to sell my drumset 😦 . I hope it goes to a good home where it will be loved and well taken care of. Knowing that the money will go into a great investment for my life and one day become 10 fold what I am selling it for (because of the amazing things I will get out of the trip), I am very willing to part!

Anyway, that is all about this visa for now!

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