FL 2: Avoir (to have)

Avoir is an incredibly common verb in the French language. It is also an irregular verb meaning that if you know the average verb conjugation rules (coming up at a later date), they DO NOT apply to the verb avoir.

Avoir means TO HAVE

Here is how we conjugate it depending on the subject:

J’ai  (Je + ai but we replace the e with an ‘ )- I have
Tu as – You have (an informal you)
Il/elle a – He/she has
Nous avons- We have
Vous avez- You have (formal you or plural you)
Ils/elles ont- The girls or boys have/they have

So now that we have the basic conjugation of this verb here are some ways to put it in a sentence:

J’ai un ballon. I have a ball.
Tu as un ballon. You have a ball.
Vous avez un ballon, monsieur. You have a ball, sir.
Paul a un ballon. Paul has a ball.
Nous avons les ballons. We have the balls.
Ils ont les ballons. They have the balls.
J’ai deux bras. I have two arms.
Tu as deux mains. You have two hands.

And just in case you didn’t know…

  • un ballon – a ball
  • les ballons – the balls
  • deux -two
  • des mains- hands
  • des bras- arms

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