2E (working holiday) Visa Update…

I am almost completely prepared for my appointment with the consulate in Toronto. (Note: To access the consulates website, just click the link on the right side of the site). Of course I still have some major uncertainties though.

I am a very lucky person so I cannot imagine anything going wrong but as someone told me once, luck is simply when preparedness meets timing. There are certainly factors that I cannot control. I cannot control who I have the appointment with or the mood that person is in, and I cannot control how many 2E Visas they have already given out or are still willing to give out. So, besides these two factors, I will dot my I’s and cross my T’s, over and over and over and over and over again…you know, just to make sure. I will leave my house super early so as not to be late, I will bring extra documents and their photocopies just in case, I will learn French sentences that may be useful for the appointment.

So with that said here is the complete update on the documents and requirements:

  • I have enough money. I am continuing to save though because I am assuming that the more money I have saved, the more likely it is that they will approve me. Just because I have the minimum requirement does not mean that my work in this department is done. I will go to the bank just a few days before my appointment to get the letter signed that I have enough money. The later I get that letter, the more money will show up on it.
  • I booked my appointment with the consulate in Toronto. I can not urge you enough to book your appointment well in advance, as there are no immediate openings for appointments. I booked my appointment for June already! I also booked a second appointment one week later just in case everything doesn’t go well the first time around. If I obtain the visa I will cancel the second appointment (It must be cancelled or it can affect your visa!). Just a note: Some provinces do not allow appointments for the attainment of a 2E Visa. In these provinces, you must send it in by mail.
  • My three passport size, colour photos are taken. Please be sure to follow the specific requirement. They have to be professionally taken and I suggest you go to the highest end place possible. The cheaper you pay, the higher the rejection rate of the photos. It cost me about $30 for the three photos.
  • My cover letter is written in French but I will tweak it one more time. I have to be thorough in what I tell them. I will give them a little more detail about my plans, just to be sure.
  • I will purchase my return flight ticket (with an open return date). I suggest you purchase the ticket instead of having proof of the funds.
  • I have the provincial health insurance covering me for my trip. And I will buy travel health insurance asap.
  • I will book an appointment with the insurance company, obtain tenant’s insurance and get the coverage for the personal liability.
  • Other than this, I just need to photocopy everything.

On top of these basic requirements, I will bring and photocopy my birth certificate, give them the information of my boyfriend in France, and show them a copy of my resume and cover letter (both in French, of course).

Attention to detail seems to be the key here!

3 thoughts on “2E (working holiday) Visa Update…

  1. If I read correctly, you are still learning French. Assuming this is correct, how did you get your resume and cover letter accurately translated?

    I realize that ideally you will want to be fluent enough to do it one self (and not look foolish during an interview) – but wondering what suggestions you can offer for those of use looking to submit to positions before becoming fluent?

    • I am very lucky to have a French boyfriend. He is only in Canada for the year and will be heading back to France (I will follow). First I wrote the cover letter and resume in my knowledge of French (I’m taking french classes), with a dictionary in hand, then he corrected it for grammar and to make it “more French”. I would suggest finding a France, French person to do the same for you as nothing can be directly translated. The French language has a particular style that I have yet to pick up.

      I booked my appointment with the consulate in English but for job interviews I will need to speak French. This can only come with persistent, patient practice. I may have to wait 2 weeks to 1 month before I can begin applying for jobs because of this obstacle.

      The advice I will give you is apply for positions with Canadian, American or British mangers…other than that you will be expected to speak French (I have been told many times), but everything you hear may not be true and don’t let that stop you. Its fun to learn French though!!

      • and p.s. Even if people judge your mistakes in French, mistakes are necessary to learn!! As long as you give it your all, learn from the language mistakes and improve everyday, nothing can be wasted!

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