Slacking on French Lessons

I am so excited to get my butt moving to France! I actually have trouble expressing my excitement in words. You know how when you attempt to explain to your partner how much you love them, and nothing you say really measures up to your feelings? Well, this is a similar kind of excitement.

I am going to France and I will obtain a job and hopefully meet a bunch of people. Speaking French is going to be a must, a total necessity. My problem would be that I am simply a beginner at French. Even worse, a French lesson slacker!

I know I must practice in order to reach the goals I have set out for myself. I must, I must, I must practice. I started my run well (run being the study of French). I practiced and studied every single day, I was consistent with the date and times of my lessons, I reviewed over and over again, read and looked up vocab like a mad woman. And now, the one hour lesson a week is all I put into this (although I do practice conversation an awful lot with FB).

If I had taken this slacker attitude with the financial aspect of getting this visa, I would have never been able to achieve that goal, but throughout that time period, I remained determined, knowing that all my efforts would pay off. And now that the plane ticket had been purchased and all is in place for the attainment of this visa, I need to take on that same attitude with the learning of this beautiful language.

Discipline it is! And not for any blind reasons such as thinking that I need to be disciplined because discipline in itself is a good quality. I do not necessarily agree with that. I do not believe discipline is necessary all the time. But I do believe that all dreams and goals are attainable, no matter how impossible they seem. And attaining these dreams and goals doesn’t simply come with expecting it to happen without any effort. Action is key. And the action I choose to take is the dedicated effort and discipline to set firmer, more concrete goals (like the monetary value of the money goal) and really make this a reality.

So here they are, my new French language goals. Necessary, if I want to be successful in France:

  • Become completely functional within 2 months of being in France (November 15). Becoming functional means speaking all the time and understanding others.
  • Dedicate at least one hour per day to some French activity. This can be reading, studying verbs, the lesson, watching TV, practicing conversational skills. It doesn’t matter what, it just has to be French.
  • DOING MY FRENCH HOMEWORK. I have never been good at doing homework. Throughout my life I have been more of the kind of student who slaps together a magnificent project in the last minutes. Would that style cut it for learning French? Not sure, but I am going to do the homework this time.
  • Post at least one French Language post per week. Yes I will!
  • Remember these goals!

You cannot become a runner by talking about running!

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Slacking on French Lessons

  1. You are not the only one… I’ve been sitting on Rosetta Stone French levels 1, 2, & 3 since 2008. During 2008 I used it off and on (more off) but also at that time had a manager who was French with whom I spoke each day. I wasted an entire year not utilizing either resource to it’s fullest. French took a back seat to Spanish for a while and now back to slacking on French. For all of 2010 I was a member of our local French cultural institute – use the library about twice and went to `cine club` (a monthly movie night) only once…sad. Motivation is a hard fought thing when no pressure exists.

    Like you, I’ve set new goals for June and beyond in 2011.
    – One Rosetta Stone lesson per day, six days a week minimum.
    – Attend `Petit Dej` (monthly conversation group over breakfast) every remaining month for 2011.
    – Read each of your French posts and translate them (no pressure). 🙂

    You can do it – I have faith in you! Good luck – Vive la France!

  2. Yes!!! That’s me too! I have a coworker that speaks French and I should be practicing with him…but I don’t. He gave me some French Intro CD’s that are collecting dust yet I really want to learn French. It’s just ridiculous!

    • Sometimes I find it frustrating to practice French with a French speaker because I have so much to say and I want to go on so quickly but I am simply not there at this very point in time. It does feel good though that these conversations started out as 5 minutes in length and now I can have full 45 minutes ones! Speaking with a french person really is a good measure for the progress you have made!

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