About Me

I am Laura. I am a 22 year old Canadian and I am doing everything in my power to get to France by mid-September on a working holiday 1 year visa.

Have you ever had a dream? This vision in the back of your mind that gets stronger and stronger with time? I do, and as you may have already guessed, it is going to France. “Why France?” you may ask. Well, I didn’t wake up one morning from a divine dream telling me to go to France. No! This dream had been a slow, gnawing, becoming louder with time, type of dream that has been with me for at least ten years. And you may not want to get me started on my pull to France.!It started as a young girl, around 12 years old. I began cooking and baking in my spare time because I found it fun and creative and I was always excited to see the looks on people’s faces as they tried a bite of my fresh chocolate chip cookies or banana muffins. A passion had awakened from within me. It held on to me hard. The cooking and baking passion grew into a near obsession as I grew older. I would watch the food network and study cookbooks instead of completing my homework and chores! I began researching my favorite chefs and their stories and I simply knew that the only real place to learn what I needed to learn was in no other country but France. Oh French cuisine and French patisserie, French bread, wine and cheese. It all sounds like a delicious and delectable dream from where I sit in my bedroom in cold wintered Canada. I want to taste the love in my food and frankly I have trouble in my homeland. I want to eat bread from a passionate baker’s oven. And most of all I want to learn from these very people! This is my main motive. The gnawing, knowing feeling that won’t go away is telling that if I don’t go and experience this amour than I will seriously regret it! My 22nd birthday just passed and I am not getting any younger. I do not want to settle in life, one day married with kids looking back and knowing that I never followed my heart, never pursued my passion and never took the one risk that could change the course of my life forever!

Recently, I magically met a French gentleman. To make a beautiful story not-so-great, we fell in love and once again, after suppressing this desire for nearly 4 years, it re-emerged, like a beast saying, “I won’t go away! You will go! You will go!” And here I am, typing away, knowing that I will go to France come mid-September.

I hope you enjoy my journey! Please allow it to inspire you!

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