About The Blog


Je m’appelle Laura. I am 22 years years old and I am planning my trip to France. I am taking advantage of this great youth agreement between Canada and France and I am gathering all of the necessary requirements to obtain a 1 year working holiday visa.

I realize that my journey will not begin when I hop on the airplane and leave for France. As I am learning the language, saving funds, and gathering documentation, on top of balancing full-time work and an awesome French boyfriend, I realize that my journey began the day the idea came into my head. Now I am committed. I am committed to going, to obtaining this visa, and to saving every penny I have. Most of all I am committed to fulfilling a dream I have had for over ten years. I am committed to inspiring others and teaching people that dreams really do come true. The secret is facing the fear right smack in the face, and taking every possible action step I can! I have faith that this vast, magnificent universe will meet me half way and come mid-September I will be walking on to that airplane and beginning a new phase of my life.

This blog is here to inspire you, to show you what is possible and to take you on a journey along with myself. I will post all the important details and have even added in a special section all about the french language so you can learn along with me!

Getting this visa and going to France is a lot of money. If you have benefited from this blog please feel free to donate. All the money will help me get to France!

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