Welcome back (from Easter)

Hi everyone! I hope you had as awesome of an Easter as I had.

I finally received my copy of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child (volume 1). And a review will be coming shortly. If you remember, the movie  “Julie and Julia” was based on a young woman making every single recipe from this book and blogging from it. I quickly browsed through the book last night and I am eager to get started on these recipes!

FL: être later today…

Stay tooned today for another French language lesson on the verb être (to be). This verb is extremely important and heavily used in French (as well as all languages).

Another Great Blog…

I have also found an awesome blog here on wordpress that has many posts related to French things. There are a lot of videos to check out I now have a long list of French movies to watch because of the info provided.

The blog is called French Stage and here is the link:  http://frenchstage.wordpress.com/

Until later mes amis!

Coming soon…The French Resume

I know I mentioned a while ago that I would post on the French Resume and language to find a job. I haven’t been around to this task yet because I have been busy and I want a proper lesson from FB which takes a few hours. I will post on this asap!

In the meantime, here is a helpful link…


Again, I will post my version, based on how I learn it, very shortly (one week give or take). Thanks for your patience!

Getting myself out there…I need funding!

Well hello again…

Today I have been exploring ways to get my blog out there. I am realizing the key to this is to actually get out there myself. Meaning, visiting other people’s related blogs and checking out other websites. I connected with a few other bloggers. I could simply tell them, “Hey, I am going to France, check out my blog!” But NO! This is not what I want. I think the key is to build a genuine connection with others. Just as I am trying to get my message out there, what is their message? How can I connect with them?

I left comments on other bloggers related blogs and “liked” a few more blogs. And by doing this, I ran into some very helpful information that I can use in my travels. I found links to outside websites as well as great french hot spots and such!

I have also connected with:
living in France

On this website I can really get all of my information out that can help other people in the same situation as me!


Also, as a reminder, I am writing to raise funding for my trip. I would love to obtain this Visa and start writing about how life is in France! If this blog has intrigued you or been helpful in any way, please donate!