My French Man

My love (mon amour) is a French gentleman.

I realize that many woman dream of being whisked off their feet by a romantic French lover, being fed great food, having romantic, loving sex, French phrases being whispered in their ears. I am one of the lucky few North American woman who has a French man for myself. In this post I will tell you all the Frenchy things I love about my French Man (his name is Max!) for you to decide if you want one for yourself.

There are billions of things I love about my man but the icing on the cake is really his Frenchiness. I suppose I could if I tried, but I doubt that I would find these same qualities in a Canadian man. Tell me if I am wrong.

So with no further ado, here is the icing on the cake. Hopefully after you read it, all your hesitation will dissolve and you will meet the French lover of your dreams too!

  • I was immediately attracted by his style. He wears jeans that fit him, tucks in his shirts (collared shirts are a bonus too!), wears nice shoes and jackets, belts his pants. I know I never have to worry about giving him style advice because he is a stylish man.
  • He has such a sexy accent. What makes this quality even better is when he makes mistakes with English (although there are few) I find it very cute!
  • His mother tongue is nothing other than the Language of Love and I’ll tell you, I may not know everything he is saying but it does sound like love.
  • He eats anything and everything (makes it so easy for me to cook anything I want to!), he appreciates good food, and gets me to appreciate my food with him. He has brought me French food before (melt in your mouth) and it is definitely an appreciative experience. I cannot wait to go to France and taste his mom’s authentic French cooking!

  • He is a natural born wine connoisseur. He knows wine and I’ll tell you, when I need a perfect wine for my dinners, he is my man! Bringing back Champagne for me when he goes home to visit is a great bonus too!

and I saved the best for last…

  • Kisses, kisses, kisses, everywhere, all the time, no matter who is around. Yes! I love this!

Go ladies! Run out! Get yourself a French man!

Coming soon…The French Resume

I know I mentioned a while ago that I would post on the French Resume and language to find a job. I haven’t been around to this task yet because I have been busy and I want a proper lesson from FB which takes a few hours. I will post on this asap!

In the meantime, here is a helpful link…


Again, I will post my version, based on how I learn it, very shortly (one week give or take). Thanks for your patience!


Such a broad topic for so many people. What is faith? For me its belief. Belief that I can accomplish every goal and dream I have and it will happen in the best way, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Most people take faith in something outside of themselves. I choose to take faith in life itself, and more specifically these words “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo“. I have faith that when I chant those words morning and night, that amazing things will happen and I will never be left stuck.

I am Buddhist. Not that that makes a difference in who I am. It is just my cup of tea (the tea being the faith). I practice Buddhism with the SGI, a lay Buddhist organization that follows Nichiren Daishonin‘s teachings on the Lotus Sutra. There is such history behind the Lotus Sutra and the meaning behind those words that I will not go into detail about right now.

I believe that by chanting Nam-Myo-Renge-Kyo in front of my inscribed Gohonzon (a scroll that has many Sanskrit characters on it) that I will be able to unlock my unlimited potential and achieve ANYTHING. I believe that I can be happy, no matter what my circumstances are and more importantly, that I can change my circumstances!

Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo produces tangible, actual proof in the lives of millions of people. And because of the faith I have in my practice, I am not afraid of what will happen in France. I have faith.

I was told not to count on getting a job in France, but you see, that kind of thinking is unacceptable to me. I will get a job in France. Not only for me, but to give hope to all others in the same situation and to give inspiration to my readers. I will do it for everyone’s happiness. I am not saying it will be easy but it will happen. I know that because of the law of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Chanting these words gives me the life force to make the impossible, possible.

It may take me studying french for hours upon hours a day, plus hours of chanting plus handing out 15 resumes a day. It might take more. It might take patience and it may take putting up with a lot of things that I don’t want to,  but the point is, I am going to France to work. Bottom line.

And to prove the power of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo (as encouraged by all the members) I will write a list of the qualities I want in a job when I go there and I will not stop chanting until I have it. I will report on this again when I am actually in France looking.

My French job will:

-Be at a bakery of some sort
-Be enough pay to pay rent, groceries, transportation, cellphone, credit cards, and OSAP payment and a little extra
-I will have a boss who really is passionate about teaching me the art
-35-40 hours per week
-Close to my place (walking distance)

One thing I really love about the SGI is that it is in 192 countries (including France)! The community is so close, so I know when I go to France, the organization will already be aware of my arrival. I will immediately have a resource to meet people and share my life with.

Bon Appétit…What is the chance?

So many words to write, so many French lessons to post and only so many lines a reader is willing to read…(sigh)

The most magnificent thing happened last night! I was catching up with my best friend after not seeing her for three weeks (are boyfriends are just so juicy to hang out with). Because of the demands of work and school plus each having our own loving relationship (mine with a French man!) we agreed to see each other at least once a month with no guilt if we cannot get together at another time.

We caught dinner, chatted it up and then made our way to Chapters bookstore. We walk in the door and right on their front table was an entire display devoted to France. My curiosity was indulged! And this is not the best part…We make our way to the cookbook section and a French cookbook from a fellow french blogger was right there on the shelf (and I had only just seen it online hours before). Then, a French song begins to play as we decide to leave because we didn’t want to spend money. We walk by the “Under $5” table and right there, in front of my very eyes was a book entitled “Bon Appétit“!!!

“Hmmm, what could this be about?” I wondered. I read the inside panel synopsis. This book is about a young twenty-something year old taking a year in France to get a job at a bakery! Sound familiar? What is the chance? Really, what is the chance? (And for less than a price of a starbucks coffee)

I am literally 5 pages in, my mouth is already drooling and I am the most excited, motivated,  and inspired that I have been in weeks!!!

What is the chance? Come on…

Julia Child: My Current Inspiration

As I have grown up (this process is far from over) I have found immense inspiration in a few individuals.

I was very young I was inspired by my stepdad’s Indian cooking and developed a unique love for food. I was five years old the first time he cooked some delicious chicken curry. I can remember this meal in great detail. I didn’t know what to expect, and I wasn’t expecting much. I was only hoping for the usual dinner of pasta or rice to show up in front of me on the dinner table in my small  townhouse. That changed one evening when I was served a meal I would never forget! My plate arrived in front of me and I smelled something I had never smelled before…pure pleasure. I took my first bite and my taste buds were born! I was inspired by the Indian food! (I proceeded to ask if we could serve chicken curry to all of my friends at my birthday party.)

Around the age of fifteen I had found a new inspiration, Christine Cushing. She was (is) a celebrity chef on food network and I loved her show. She inspired me to become a chef (I lost this dream after graduating from highschool). She had trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and she served up delicious meals inspired by her classical training and her own creativity. I would become the next Christine Cushing!

Fast forward once again to this November. I had just started dating my French boyfriend and certain dreams and passions were arising again. My dream to live in France and my dream of learning French cooking had once again awoken after a long hibernation (caused by the pressures young Canadians may feel after highschool to pursue the “right” career and education that will get them the “best” paying job and stability). I walked into the library one day and VERY coincidently the book right in front of my eyes, on display none the less, was “My Life In France“, the autobiography of Julia Child. I had heard of her briefly here and there but never really knew who this woman was. I fell in love with her life after reading this book and to France I would go, the decision was made.

I proceeded to read her other biography, watch her A&E biography, look up some of her recipes on-line and cook them for my French boyfriend (winners every time), watch that hit movie “Julie and Julia“, download and watch many episodes of her cooking show “The French Chef” and ask for the best-selling “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” for my birthday. What I call inspired, others may call obsessed. Oh well, to each their own!

She is my latest and greatest inspiration! The parallelism between her life and my own is outstanding and her beautiful love for French food is captivating. Also, the relationship her and Paul Child shared was beautiful. The love they created is the most inspirational bit of all. Thank you Julia Child for showing me what is possible!

A bored housewife turned into a food revolutionary…What is possible in my life?