Short break to re-group, but I’m back!

I took a short break from blogging but now I am back to purge my thoughts and ideas once again.

Everything has been moving very quickly lately and I am learning to adapt to this new pace. I realize that as I get closer, certain, important tasks will become more urgent (e.g. selling some some of my things before I go, becoming fluent in the French language, organizing trip stuff…). My sister’s bridal shower is coming up shortly which will be hosted by moi and that has me a little tangles in the mind as well. My only strategy is to do one thing at a time and hopefully I will finish all the necessary to-dos.

To do:

-Bridal Shower: Write out final food list and grocery list, delegate food list, make an “advice book” for guests to fill out, put together a PP presentation. The dress has been purchased and the invitations all sent so I’m practically ready for it… right?

-Learning French: Watch French television (thank-you Canadian TV!), continue reading (I have been completely slacking), correct my writing assignment, test my vocab, fill out my verb book

-2E Visa: Get my pictures re-taken because I need three and I only purchased 2, finish obtaining the funds (includes selling drums, guitar and TV), buy my insurance

Now that I have written all these tasks out, they seem a lot more manageable for some reason!

Oh yeah! And one more big task: FILE MY FREAKING TAXES!!!!!

Until next time…