I Dream Of Consulate Appointments

I would love to have the “I dream of Jeannie” theme song for you to begin this post, but I am yet to be that computer savvy (I am sure it will come with time). Here is the written version: Do do, do do-do do do, do do, do-do do do do, do do, do-do do do do, DO! I am sure that will be difficult to understand if you have never seen that TV show!

Last night I dreamt of my appointment at the consulate. I remember the dream very clearly as it was the last dream I had before I woke up. Here is what happened: I am called to the desk by an older gentleman. I walk up to the desk, dressed casually with my folder in hand with all the documents. I remember having a gut feeling that I was not prepared enough and would not be granted the visa (of course my worse fears would be played out in the dream). The man begins to speak to me IN FRENCH! And I speak back in French, a very slow, broken French. I remember speaking, and saying things that made sense but at this point, I have no clue what was actually said. He decides to switch my case over to a younger woman. She spoke in English. She was going through the documents and I realized that I had forgotten to provide the necessary photocopies and I had not typed up the documents. The letter, for example, was hand written, in pencil, on lined paper (worst case scenario!!). I realized what I had done wrong and decided, on a whim, to ask her straight up, “So, can I have the visa?” She of course said that they would not provide the visa. Well, me being myself, decided to tell her that even though they would not grant it today, I had booked another appointment a couple of days later. I remember trying to reach the humanity in this lady and said, “Please, as a friend, since I will be back anyway, tell me what I can do to obtain the visa in a couple of days.” She looked at me, pitifully, and sighed. Then, she proceeded to tell me that I needed to type out my documents, provide the necessary photocopies (obviously!), dress professionally and use Aveda skin lotion on my face.

You heard me right! I needed to use Aveda skin lotion on my face! How this would help me obtain the visa, only my subconscious mind will know.

Even though this is a dream, it really brought me some insight. I need to take this seriously. My broken French cannot save me if I am not fully prepared. And because of this dream, I will dress professionally for my appointment!

I am now also seriously debating buying some Aveda skin lotion for good luck!

I woke up right after the dream. Mon homme lay beside me sound asleep, but not for long. I tapped him, calling his name, “Max! Max! Max!” He answered with a muffled yes. “Today, can we go over the letter to the consulate again?” he answered with another muffled yes and we both fell back asleep.

And with that I leave you with this: If you want this visa, use Aveda!

Thanks for reading!

Do I really care if others approve? NO!

I have such amazing friends! For every ounce of doubt I have, they take away 2, and I am so grateful for this!

When I made the decision to go to France, I also made a decision to only tell people whom I knew could support and encourage the decision. I have learned through experience that telling people who I know will disapprove will only lower my own self-esteem and make me question my decision. I also realize that the only reason others would disapprove is because they can’t see themselves in a similar situation, or that my decision has brought out their own fears or lost hopes. So instead of shaking others’ boats, so they say, I will give the gift of this journey and my stories to the one’s who want to hear about it.

So back to my amazing friends…I have started letting people know about this blog. This is a huge step in itself as I don’t really like to show others or tell others the whole story as I think I may be exposed in a way. Well, who cares? I’m ready to expose myself and share these stories and I am completely surprised to find that my friends have read the blog and guess what!? They love it! That is so encouraging to know! One of my friend’s even sent me  a quote saying, “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you will be able to see farther.” by J.P. Morgan (SO PERFECT!).

So there are two morals of this story…

  1. I took a risk and let others in on my amazing journey and the outcome was far greater and more positive than I could have ever expected!
  2. I don’t need other people’s approval in the first place! As long as I approve of myself, others will follow suit. And if not, their loss!

I didn’t even realize before this decision and this story writing that I had such true friends! Thank you friends!!