Getting myself out there…I need funding!

Well hello again…

Today I have been exploring ways to get my blog out there. I am realizing the key to this is to actually get out there myself. Meaning, visiting other people’s related blogs and checking out other websites. I connected with a few other bloggers. I could simply tell them, “Hey, I am going to France, check out my blog!” But NO! This is not what I want. I think the key is to build a genuine connection with others. Just as I am trying to get my message out there, what is their message? How can I connect with them?

I left comments on other bloggers related blogs and “liked” a few more blogs. And by doing this, I ran into some very helpful information that I can use in my travels. I found links to outside websites as well as great french hot spots and such!

I have also connected with:
living in France

On this website I can really get all of my information out that can help other people in the same situation as me!


Also, as a reminder, I am writing to raise funding for my trip. I would love to obtain this Visa and start writing about how life is in France! If this blog has intrigued you or been helpful in any way, please donate!