Stress, Really?

Do I really have stress?Am I really too frustrated with my current to-do list that I hold tension in my body?

I am moving to France in just a few short months. I am going to experience something that most people only dream of doing but never take action towards. I am going to add something magnificent to my “life experience” list. This is the way I see the situation at least. Now, since I see the situation in the perspective, one would think that I would be brimming with gratitude and ready to explode in excitement. But no, I choose to feel stressed.

Choose. This is the word I choose to use. I read a while back that stress is a choice. It is a perspective. It causes tension in our bodies and brings crappy moods to our days. The antidote it seems would be nothing other than letting go. Letting go of the control I attempt to hold over every last detail of this trip brings on total relief. Instead of feeling stress I am beginning to feel relieved that it is coming soon. I am feeling relieved that I can’t control what happens when I arrive. My controlling the situation will only bring me more situations within my limited view of myself, my capabilities and my life. But part of this trip, you see, is to realize that life, MY LIFE TO BE EXACT, has unlimited potential. Screw limitation and control. Those two qualities will absolutely, guarantee to bring more limited situations that I can control. Because that is the point of control, right? To keep myself confined to a certain square footage of mind space in order to not allow anything “scary” in. And within me trying to DO this and DO that in THIS way and in THAT way, while making sure it is done perfectly, while focusing on my job, my finances, my boyfriend (who also happens to be stressed out right now), I really just have to stop and realize that this illusion of control I am holding so tightly is just that, an illusion. I am not in control at all. It will happen how it happens, so why not let it happen in ANY way possible, instead of just the way I think would be best.

And with that, I am letting go. I am releasing the built, stuck tension and letting my unlimited possibilities shine! I will get the best job, not the job I think I will get, when I arrive in France. I will learn the language in my own way, not in the way in which I control my learning, and I will go. Kicking and screaming I will go, or relaxed and excited I will go.

So you see, I believe stress is a perspective.