Creative Ways To Make Money

As I have mentioned before, in order to be eligible for this visa I need $3000 in my bank account plus another $1000 for proof that I can pay for a flight and another $800 for trip medical insurance. In mid January I began with a bank account of $0 and now I have $1600 bringing me to still need $3200!!! By mid-June!!! These task seems impossible to me but I also believe that nothing is impossible and I have proven that nothing is impossible on a few different occasions in the past, so why not now? Although freaking out may seem like an effective solution to this little situation I have, an even more effective solution would be to brainstorm extra ways to make this cash.

-I have my regular income. I started budgeting my weekly expenses (although sometimes its extremely tough staying in budget!) and as much of the pay goes towards savings. I do not recommend this but I even cut down on grocery shopping big time. Thankfully I have an extremely tolerant Aunt I am currently living with 🙂

-This blog. I created this blog as a creative outlet AND as a way to potentially make extra cash and I am not really trying to hide that fact in any way. If you like it, please donate!!

-I am trying to sell my drumset. Bottom line, my drumset is worth a lot of money!! This would help out the savings BIG TIME if I could sell it. And I am not just passively trying to sell this baby, I am literally sourcing out many different people and places to advertise and hopefully one of these avenues leads somewhere! To check out the drum set just click HERE.

-I am entering random contests. If I see a contest where I can win money, I am entering it. A Toronto radio station, 102.1 the edge is giving away $1000 A DAY, EVERYDAY, for the month of March. All I have to do is be caller 102 if I here their “artist of the day” play for the first time that day. I have yet to win, but I’m not giving up. I have had to call in at work and I get my customers pumped about it too! We all end up calling in and making a pack to split the money if we are ever caller 102 🙂

-The amazing Canadian government! It’s that time of year again where we Canadians file our income taxes! For young folk like me, you know what this means!!! TAX REFUND! YAY! Free money just by filing our taxes. If you don’t do this, I highly recommend that you do!

So far, that is all I’ve got as far as money-making ideas go. One of my friends suggested selling my drums and offering lessons with them! I say, Brilliant idea!