I find it interesting that as soon as soon as I have “the plan” laid out and ready to execute, monumental obstacles come into my path and try to destroy my efforts. A huge obstacle has come into my way and it has me thinking.

Yesterday was my birthday! (YAY!) I woke up and made the decision that it would be a great day, I was going to do only what I wanted to do and take it easy. The day definitely started out that way until my mother called to wish me happy birthday. After wishing me happy birthday she proceeded to tell me that her and my stepfather have decided that they will not be paying for me to go to my sister’s wedding in Alaska, as they had promised months earlier. Her main reasoning is that I always get what I want, and if that is the case and I am going to continue to live my life the way I want to, then I should pay my own way as she says that, “I am deceiving and she thought I was poor and she was only paying because of that reason.” Sigh…Who knew that I was being deceiving in her eyes? (note: not me). I live my life to inspire, to follow my passion and it just so happens that besides food my other love is traveling, so I decided to take a trip this December. I did not realize that by taking this trip, my family would judge me as selfish and assume I must be rich.

Enough of this situation though. I cannot sink to that low-level and judge her back. Bottom line, I am expected now to pay my way to Alaska and I yet I am trying so hard to save for France.

Obstacles. They come in our way as a function of life to try to make us give up. That is their only function. The bigger the goal, the larger the obstacles. I think that is some kind of general rule for life but I’m not going to guarantee that. I for sure know that the other function of an obstacle is to overcome it, possibly deepening my faith in myself and life and also becoming stronger and more courageous in the process. Without the obstacle, how will I truly know what I am capable of achieving?

I will go to France and I have no doubt about it. I am also sure I will attend my sister’s wedding in Alaska. How? This cannot be answered just yet…