I’m simply taking it step by step

I find it so interesting that as soon as I am slightly stuck and I am not sure what my next step should be, it simply appears, BIG, and bright so that I could not possibly miss it!

Some of these steps include: Making a goal/decision to go, I then knew to look online for a Visa, then I started to save up money for the visa, I started researching how to get the documents, started to obtain the necessary documents, etc…

I’m finding now, that the steps that are presenting to me are more creative and slightly more challenging than what I needed to do at the very beginning of this process. Just last week I obtained the document from my provincial health to state that I will be covered for the duration of my trip. That step was obvious. I also need to obtain some personal liability insurance. I had no idea what this was and my internet searches were leading nowhere. This is not the same as travel health insurance. I heard from another blog, that in order to obtain this I would need to consult my insurance broker (which I do not have). Interestingly I spoke to someone about this and they gave me a contact name and phone number. And although I’m not sure if that will lead somewhere, it is a step. It might not lead me exactly where I want to go, but if not, I’m sure it will lead me to the next step, and with a little faith, this insurance will be in my hands asap.

Now, the financial situation is getting more urgent and I know that I have to take some action in the arena because if I don’t, and just expect the world to provide me with these funds without giving something first, than I jeopardize my opportunity to go. Using wisdom in this adventure is extremely important. So again while speaking to someone about this topic they made a brilliant suggestion: Applying for positions in my area for events that are coming up or where a company needs extra help for 1 or two days and I end up with some extra money because of it, with little stress on my current schedule. Even just finding something for one evening a week would help. She suggested looking in the local paper. How easy! And here again is another step.

The main point here is that I cannot just sit back and expect this all to come together. This is a goal and a challenge. I need to take action and although it may be uncomfortable or scary to take these steps, the end reward will be so worth it. And in taking these steps I am growing and learning and feeling way more fulfilled than simply following the same daily routine!