Bon Appétit…What is the chance?

So many words to write, so many French lessons to post and only so many lines a reader is willing to read…(sigh)

The most magnificent thing happened last night! I was catching up with my best friend after not seeing her for three weeks (are boyfriends are just so juicy to hang out with). Because of the demands of work and school plus each having our own loving relationship (mine with a French man!) we agreed to see each other at least once a month with no guilt if we cannot get together at another time.

We caught dinner, chatted it up and then made our way to Chapters bookstore. We walk in the door and right on their front table was an entire display devoted to France. My curiosity was indulged! And this is not the best part…We make our way to the cookbook section and a French cookbook from a fellow french blogger was right there on the shelf (and I had only just seen it online hours before). Then, a French song begins to play as we decide to leave because we didn’t want to spend money. We walk by the “Under $5” table and right there, in front of my very eyes was a book entitled “Bon Appétit“!!!

“Hmmm, what could this be about?” I wondered. I read the inside panel synopsis. This book is about a young twenty-something year old taking a year in France to get a job at a bakery! Sound familiar? What is the chance? Really, what is the chance? (And for less than a price of a starbucks coffee)

I am literally 5 pages in, my mouth is already drooling and I am the most excited, motivated,  and inspired that I have been in weeks!!!

What is the chance? Come on…