Meeting The Parents

Next stop on my journey: Meeting my French boyfriend’s parents!

His parents arrived in Canada on Friday night and last night was my time night meeting them! I seriously debated whether or not I should post on this topic but obviously opted for yes after realizing that this is indeed an important step on my French adventure. After all, these very people are going to be some of my closest relations in France (Hopefully!) and not only that but they are my boyfriend’s parents! A monumental step has happened in our relationship and I am glad it did because all in all, it was pretty cool hanging out with them.

I knew they would be coming for a visit nearly a month ago and since the date I found out I have to admit I have stressed slightly over it. Should meeting your boyfriend’s parents really be a stressful event? For me it was! I created many “what if…” situations in my head before the event. What if they don’t like me? What if they do not like the fact that I am Canadian? What if it’s too early to meet them? And all of the other “what ifs” were along those same lines. My boyfriend is their youngest son so naturally, my biggest fear was that his mother would not like me. Ok, enough of the what ifs and fear about the situation and on to the actual scenario. Besides all of those mixed up, crazy emotions that I attempted to hide with the best of my ability, I was mostly EXCITED! How cool would it be to 1) See where my love came from 2) Possibly pick up some more language and have the opportunity to speak it 3) TO MEET MY BF’S PARENTS! And the possibility of the night turning out great and them liking me was in my favour because I had never heard anything but really great things about them.

I hopped on the GO bus and made my way to Toronto. How will I say hi? Where will I meet them? Yes, I definitely thought way too much. The bus arrived and I grew more and more excited. I looked out the window right before I exited the vehicle and I saw them! All three of them were standing there waiting for me. How sweet! 🙂  I got off the bus and they recognized me right away! And before I could even give my love a satisfying smooch on the lips, his mother took me and kissed me on the cheeks and introduced herself, then his father, and the best was saved for last! I’m telling you, it couldn’t have been a more perfect moment from all the terrible situations my mind had created.

We walked up the street and went to the Eaton Centre. I went with the flow and the conversation ran smoothly. Pictures were being taken and Franglish was being spoken and it was a splendid time. That is until the moment of truth!!! Dinner time! This would be our first chance to have face to face conversation. All those devilish thoughts creeped right up and during dinner I am sad to report I was a nervous wreck!! I was unsure of the proper dinner etiquette for this sort of event and may have lost a few points here or there (I remember mentioning that I am afraid of flying because I always think the airplane will crash! and I was too nervous to offer paying for my meal, not sure if that would be rude or not). But I am not perfect and nothing that a delicious dinner on me will repair next time I see them! I can only hope I played it cool enough as my only rule that night was to go with the flow.

All in all the night was a success. My boyfriend and I saw them off on their streetcar to their hotel for the night after some Merci’s and those lovely kisses on the cheek! And with a final wave goodbye my bf and I walked back to union and discussed the success of the night. I will be seeing them next Saturday for a delicious meal made by moi! And I was invited to a hockey game the Sunday right after. The most important thing for me, last night, was to really show them that I love their son, and the rest is up to the life!

And here is what I learned about French and France last night: Only in Paris will you find a big mall, they have many of the same retailers over there, Biensur means of course, and D’accord means alright or ok.

Until next time my lovely’s…