Food is my passion!

And I don’t mean just eating it although eating it does give me a feeling of satisfaction that few other things can match. But I mean cooking! And learning about food and trying new things and giving people  pleasure from my food! I believe I mentioned this in me “About Me” section of this blog.

Right now I am at work. I have time to blog at work and this is just one reason why I love my job! In order to push this boredom out of the way I have decided to research cooking schools in France. When I get there my first plan is definitely not going to be searching out all the cooking schools and immediately registering. I will have to be smart and find a job first to actually be able to stay for the entire year. I would love to have a job where I could be mentored by a French chef or baker who is completely passionate, who has wanted nothing more than to teach a young foreigner his trade in order to pass down his legacy and widen it to other countries! But that little dream of mine is no guarantee and my heart will not break if I’m immediately unable to find it. All things in life lead somewhere great so I know however I begin my adventure over seas, with a little faith and some patience, I’m sure I’ll reach my ultimate goal of learning this language and cuisine!

But maybe, at a later date, I’ll want to attend cooking school. So my curiosity has lead me to this research:

Le Cordon Bleu – MY DREAM SCHOOL!!! Why oh why does everything great cost so much money? I’m sure that an investment into this school will pay off 1 million fold but how could I get there in the first place?

A lot of these school are simply for travelers looking to fill their leisure days. This is NOT what I am looking for. I’m looking for accreditation. I’m looking for a career! (Not necessarily stating that this WILL be my career).

Here is another one:

Relais & Chateau – But again, it doesn’t look like they have a full program.

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll find more leads when I’m there. But Le Cordon Bleu!!! I wanna go!!!!